Meet the Team: Amy Jackson

Amy, Manager

How did you end up working with Red Granite and ORBA? What path brought you here? Amy Jackson, Manager

Halfway through college, I decided to give up my dream of becoming a civil engineer and study accounting. This decision came as I as working full-time in the office of a car dealership to pay my way through college and discovered that accounting was a better fit for me. Right out of a college, I took a job with a small accounting firm in Chicago and worked there for 6 years. I was presented with an opportunity to work at ORBA and take on larger audit jobs and I jumped at the chance! 3 years into my career at ORBA, I found myself looking for something more fulfilling. Red Granite’s new relationship with ORBA allowed me to take on roles where I get more exposure into how a company is really run! Now I get to split my time between auditing financial statements based on past transactions with my ORBA duties and the other time I am involved in transactions as they happen and feel more involved in operations with my Red Granite duties. It might be the best of both worlds for an accountant!

What’s the one problem you’re best at solving for your clients?

Over my career I have learned that my strength is in client relationships. Whether I am on a job for 2 days or 2 weeks, I always feel like I am leaving with a friend! Discussing how transactions should be coded and presented on financial statements isn’t always everyone’s favorite topic and sometimes accountants and their clients can seem like they are speaking a different language. I have always been successful in being able to communicate higher level accounting subjects so that not only our clients understand it but feel comfortable implementing in their financial records.

What gets you excited about working with ORBA’s Cloud Accounting Group?

It has been really fun to onboard a new consumer product company to the cloud accounting services. It has been very challenging and sometimes I feel like I could be doing things better but overall, it has been pretty awesome. Manufacturing and distribution has always been my preferred area to work in and taking on the role in cloud accounting with has allowed me to really get involved in their operations and business cycle. In my almost 10 years of auditing and tax, I have never had this much insight into how a business is ran than I do now.

Where did you grow up?

Cary, IL

Favorite lunch spot?

Jersey Mike’s

Weekend hang out?

Either a great dive bar or on the couch watching Netflix.

First thing you’d like to cross off your bucket list is:

Travel to Switzerland.

Three words to describe you are:

Accountant. Wanderer. Dog lover.

Favorite Quote/Personal Motto?

The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.

One thing no one could guess just by looking at you:

I am quite the oversharer – if I have drinks with someone for a half hour, they probably know my whole life story – not sure what someone wouldn’t know!

Cubs or Sox? Or Hawks?

Cubs and Hawks!

The song that best describes your work ethic?

Bachman Turner Overdrive – Taking Care of Business

I want to live in a world where _________ and _________ grow on trees.

Money and common sense

I’m a hard-hitting critic of______.


Truth. How do you actually feel about math?

I like accounting math but scared of everything else. Since I started college as an engineering major, I saw the dark side of math where it meets physics and chemistry – it is a scary place.

What is the last picture you took with your phone?

No surprise, but an office dog from the last client’s office I was at.

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