Curating a Culture for Growth

How does a growing company maintain its innovation and competitive edge?

By hiring great employees? NOPE. It’s by keeping them.

By employing open book management and offering a stake in profits you can retain great talent to help your company thrive. Learn the key concepts, metrics and incentives needed to curate your culture for growth.

We recently hosted a seminar on curating your company culture for growth with Sean Condon, of Windgate Wealth Management. In this seminar we covered:

  • concepts from “The Great Game of Business” and open book management.
  • the financial metrics needed to teach employees how they affect the success of the business.
  • how to incentivize employees with profit sharing, ESOPs and retirement plans that align personal success with business growth.
  • strategies for offering benefits beyond health care and ping-pong tables to invest in the financial confidence of your people.

Interested in curating a culture for growth for your company? Check out the slide deck below or contact us to learn more:

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