Meet the Team: Monique Bonamer

Monique Bonamer, Manager

Meet the Team: Monique

How did you end up working with Red Granite and ORBA? What path brought you here?

I worked in the office of a motorcycle retail dealership and wanted a change of pace and scenery. After 12 years of bank deposits, operational meetings, working through holidays, departmental urgencies, coordinating month end schedules and submitting necessary bank reporting I was looking for an employer that could offer stability to their employees and also reward them while building relationships. Thus, I left my Harley home and ventured into the world unknown! When I came across the ad online for an “Awesome Accounting Manager”, I knew they were talking about me. Red Granite seemed different from the hodgepodge of accounting firms looking for accounting managers. The look and feel of their website interested me and so I took the leap and applied.

What’s your area of expertise?

I am a problem solver and also a people pleaser of sorts. When it comes to assisting clients with their financials, I find that I use my own experience and problem-solving techniques to overcome obstacles. If I do not have the answer to a situation, I tend to become as resourceful as I can in attempts to remedy the situation.

What gets you excited about working with Red Granite and ORBA?

I like the diversity of industries that I’m involved in with Red Granite. Being exposed to a few different markets is intriguing and challenging. I love working remotely and visiting client spaces. The use of technology is profound and its exciting to be part of cloud services.

Where did you grow up?

Little town of Westmont, suburb of Chicago, we didn’t always lock our doors!

Favorite lunch spot?

Anything sushi or taco, sometimes Lyfe, they have sparkling water on tap!

Weekend hang out?

El Casa Bonamer, it offers a bon fire pit, playful dogs, tasty liquor, movies and games!

First thing you’d like to cross off your bucket list is:

A trip to Ireland.

Three words to describe you are:

Empathetic, honest, reliable

One thing no one could guess just by looking at you:

I use to play Texas No limit Hold’em and was decent at it. No bracelet from Vegas though.

Cubs or Sox? Or Hawks?


What song best describes your work ethic?

If you had a superpower it would be:

Either I’d be like Mystique or the Flash, I could change my look and also get things done really fast!

Best (website-friendly) joke?

Q: What is the difference between snowmen and snowwomen? A: Snowballs.

Truth. How do you actually feel about math?

Love it! Its the universal language.

If you had a warning label, what would yours say?

Contents under pressure may explode.

You’ll also find us online at now that we’re part of one of Chicago’s most prestigious CPA firms, Ostrow Reisin Berk & Abrams, Ltd.  With our ORBA colleagues, we’re positioned to offer you an expanded array of state-of-the-art services. 

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