Meet the Team: Marvin Taylor

Marvin Taylor, Associate

Marvin Taylor - Team Awesome | Red Granite - Outsourced Accounting

How did you end up working with Red Granite and ORBA? What path brought you here?

I handled all of the accounting for my family’s Trucking business. After my dad retired, I worked for a few other places but I never felt that my work was making an impact. When I was ready to look for another opportunity, I found Red Granite! Their commitment to helping entrepreneurs reach their goals by providing awesome accounting services really caught my attention.

What’s your area of expertise?

Building relationships with my clients. I feel it is very important for our clients to be able to trust us with their financial information and allowing us to help them grow their business is a responsibility I do not take lightly.

What gets you excited about working with Red Granite?

Knowing that every day is an opportunity for us to help our clients be able to grow and develop their business as we take care of their accounting needs is very exciting and fulfilling!

Where did you grow up?

Olympia Fields, IL

Favorite lunch spot?

BenjYehuda Mediterranean Restaurant

Weekend hang out?

My house! There is no place like home!

First thing you’d like to cross off your bucket list is:

Travel to Cuba

Three words to describe you are:

Faithful, Reliable, Loyal

Favorite Quote/Personal Motto?

It won’t always be like this. Things always get better and better!

One thing no one could guess just by looking at you:

I have been an actor in community theater for over 10 years.

Cubs or Sox? Or Hawks?


What song best describes your work ethic?

Best accounting joke?

Why did the accountant cross the road? Because he looked in the files and did what they did last year!

I’m a hard-hitting critic of______

myself. Always striving to improve and be better.

Truth. How do you actually feel about math?

I love math. The fact that equations must balance gives me hope.

You’ll also find us online at now that we’re part of one of Chicago’s most prestigious CPA firms, Ostrow Reisin Berk & Abrams, Ltd.  With our ORBA colleagues, we’re positioned to offer you an expanded array of state-of-the-art services. 

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