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Are You “Growing Yourself Broke” by Forgetting This Important Metric?

We figured we’re due to go back to analyzing some good old fashioned financial metrics for fast growing companies. This is a topic that is integral to our services and one our founder, Chris Arndt, is especially fond of. Check out our previous post for a full slideshow of Chris’s workshop on these three metrics, and why many scaling […]

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Meet the Team: Rena Siddall

Rena Siddall, Marketing Associate   How did you end up working with Red Granite?  My background is in non-profit management and then my husband signed a contract in Europe. So the fact that Red Granite needed someone with my skill set and was willing to hire a remote freelancer was a gift! What’s your area of […]

Meet the Team: Jackie Kusper

Jackie Kusper, Associate How did you end up working with Red Granite? What path brought you here? I worked at a university for 8+ years, where I was a counselor for accounting & finance programs. I went back to school for my MBA and realized how much I enjoyed my accounting classes. Taking these classes […]

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Motion vs. Action: The Skills Gap

Steve Blank, Radio Show Host at Sirius XM and co-founder of numerous startups, recently wrote a short post about the difference between motion and action as part of the #SkillsGap series on LinkedIn. Here are some takeaways: Defining Entrepreneurial Action Motion versus action. Words that appear to have similar meaning and yet have a different outcome. […]