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Marvin Taylor, Associate - Outsourced Accountant in Chicago

Meet the Team: Marvin Taylor

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How did you end up working with Red Granite and ORBA? What path brought you here? I handled all of the accounting for my family's Trucking business. After my dad retired, I worked for a few other places but I never felt that my work was making an impact.
The Case for Zero-Based Budgeting

The case for Zero-Based Budgeting for profitability.

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If I told you there’s a growth-oriented approach to your financials that both aligns departments and managers while eliminating wasteful spending would you believe me? Industry Week called it “deceptively simple.” The financial industry calls it zero-based budgeting (ZBB). Before you assume that cost-reduction budgeting isn’t the right approach for your growing enterprise, allow me to break down the pros and cons of ZBB.
Meet the Team - Katrina Landram - Outsourced Accounting in Chicago

Meet the Team: Katrina Landram

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Meet our Sr. Associate, Katrina. I love to help people in any way I can. My co-workers are awesome! They really are a great, fun, professional bunch to work with!
How to Use QuickBooks Online for Property Management

How to Use QuickBooks Online for Property Management

Having a number of clients in real estate, we know that property management companies have their own set of special needs when it comes to accounting software. But what if your enterprise is not quite big enough to merit a specialized accounting system which comes with a big HR investment and an even heftier price tag? We’ve found that QuickBooks Online (QBO) works well for small to mid-size property management companies.
Meet the Team - Jessica Zaniolo | Red Granite Outsourced Accounting in Chicago

Meet the Team: Jessica Zaniolo

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How did you end up working with Red Granite and ORBA? What path brought you here? Funny enough, I started college as an accounting major, but switched after a semester. Fast forward four years later to me as an urban farmer in need of a second job, I took a position as an office manager and accountant's assistant at a restaurant. The following year, the accountant trained me to take most of her responsibilities as a full-charge bookkeeper as she was leaving. I decided it was something I wanted to pursue in an environment where I could learn and grow and found myself at Red Granite.
Best Cloud Apps & Online Tools for Entrepreneurs

The Best Online Tools or Apps of 2018 for Entrepreneurs

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Last year, Forbes reported that by September 2018, 80% of businesses would be using cloud apps or solutions. Being at the forefront of cloud accounting services in Chicago, we wanted to share with you our favorite online tools and apps along with the pros and cons of each that we use to live our most efficient life in the cloud.

How to Lower Customer Acquisition Cost

Congratulations, you have managed to persuade a customer to purchase your product or service. In fact, you have managed to repeat this action over and over again. But, do you know the true cost of acquiring those customers and have you figured out how to improve that cost?
Meet Team Awesome - Alma Garza

Meet the Team: Alma Garza

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How did you end up working with Red Granite and ORBA? What path brought you here? My past experience has been primarily in the financial institutions industry, which is a highly regulated and conservative area of business. I'd been working in accounting for banks for about 25 years and decided I needed a new challenge with more variety. A search on the internet brought me to Red Granite and immediately I was captivated, stalked the internet to find Chris Arndt's email address and contacted him for a chance to be part of Team Awesome and the rest is history.
Business Lessons Learned from DUDE Products

8 Business Lessons Learned from our Interview with DUDE Products

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We're spilling the beans on one of our clients. These are the takeaway business lessons we gleaned from a recent interview with Brian Wilkin of DUDE Products including a sneak peek of what’s in store for the DUDEs. 1. Your brand is your identity. 2. You can be passionate about your work and still value flexibility. 3. Avoid cash flow issues before expanding...

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