How to Tackle Expense Report Fraud

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Eliminate Expense Report Fraud Using Expensify - The Entrepreneur's CFO

Fraud. It’s no one’s favorite subject. Especially when it involves your employees. Put plainly, if your company provides expense reimbursements then your company has risk of fraud. Expense report fraud is a touchy yet important issue to address. That being said, one of the many ways to protect yourself from risk is to ensure you have appropriate internal controls in place.

The Best Online Tools or Apps of 2018 for Entrepreneurs

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Best Cloud Apps & Online Tools for Entrepreneurs

Last year, Forbes reported that by September 2018, 80% of businesses would be using cloud apps or solutions. Being at the forefront of cloud accounting services in Chicago, we wanted to share with you our favorite online tools and apps along with the pros and cons of each that we use to live our most efficient life in the cloud.

11 Lessons in Cloud-Based Etiquette

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Lessons in Cloud-Based Etiquette

Have you been on the receiving end of some unbecoming cloud-based etiquette? At one point or another, I’m sure all of us has experienced a video conference with someone while their roommate was chowing down on Chipotle in the background. Here are our 11 lessons for life in the cloud…