Before You Expand Your Business, Ask Your Accountant These 4 Questions

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Think you’re ready to expand your business? We often see startups attempt to expand too quickly before they are at the appropriate stage in their growth. These are our four (plus one bonus!) questions to ask your accountant before preparing to expand.

The Financial Evolution of a Startup

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Financial Evolution of a Startup - Outsourced Accounting Blog

In the beginning of the evolution of a startup, it is likely that the founder is in a “lone wolf scenario.” He or she is grinding away to get the business off the ground. As a result, the owner is wearing a lot of hats: CEO, CTO, marketing, HR, accounting manager. You name it and the founder probably has his or her hands in it….

Financial Goals: Going beyond “keeping overhead low”

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Financial Goals

We know we don’t need to convince you to make financial goals. We’ve all heard the: “don’t spend more than you make,” and “lower your overhead” advice. But those are a little obvious. Instead, use these 5 approaches…

KPI’s for Growth

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KPIs for Growth featimg

Do you know which metrics are essential to your business and the stage of growth you are in? These are a few of the most essential industry-specific KPIs to fuel your growth.

Are You “Growing Yourself Broke” by Forgetting This Important Metric?

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Are you growing yourself broke?

We figured we’re due to go back to analyzing some good old fashioned financial metrics for fast growing companies. This is a topic that is integral to our services and one our founder, Chris Arndt, is especially fond of. Check out our previous post for a full slideshow of Chris’s workshop on these three metrics, and why many scaling […]