How to Use QuickBooks Online for Property Management

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QBO for Property Management | Red Granite Accounting - The Entrepreneur's CFO

Having a number of clients in real estate, we know that property management companies have their own set of special needs when it comes to accounting software. But what if your enterprise is not quite big enough to merit a specialized accounting system which comes with a big HR investment and an even heftier price tag? We’ve found that QuickBooks Online (QBO) works well for small to mid-size property management companies.

How to Lower Customer Acquisition Cost

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Congratulations, you have managed to persuade a customer to purchase your product or service. In fact, you have managed to repeat this action over and over again. But, do you know the true cost of acquiring those customers and have you figured out how to improve that cost?

KPI’s for Growth

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KPIs for Growth featimg

Do you know which metrics are essential to your business and the stage of growth you are in? These are a few of the most essential industry-specific KPIs to fuel your growth.