Consumer Products Accounting

Why Choose Us?

We Will Automate Your Accounting.

We worry about your financials so you can focus on the things that matter most to your business.

Accounts Payable

We pay your bills, track your due dates & review your expenses.

Accounts Receivable

We handle deposits & follow-up on outstanding invoices.

Journal Entries

We manage all of your daily bookkeeping & entry needs.

Monthly Reconciliations

Consider your bank & credit card reconciliations done.


Payroll a royal pain in your you-know-what? Not anymore.

Cash Flow

We help with cash flow planning and forecasting for units sold.

The Extras.


We provide forecasting so you know the lead time and minimum order requirements from your manufacturers.

Team Awesome

We assign you a manager and an associate you can call your own.

1099-Misc Forms

We want to take even more off your plate! Consider your 1099’s preparation & filing each year done.

We Speak the Language of Profitability.

We’ll help you achieve those benchmarks you need in order to succeed. 

Financial Reporting

Our customized reporting arms you with the financials to know where you stand compared to industry peers.

Key Performance Indicators

COGS & Profit Margins? We know the KPI’s most important for you to scale.

Investor Reporting

Rest easy knowing your reports for investors are accurate and well looked after.

A Solid Foundation for You to Grow.

Our founder chose the name Red Granite because he knows the importance of a solid foundation. And what’s more important than having consistently solid accounting to help your company scale?

Financial Controls

We develop & document your financial controls.

Financial Projections

We provide financial modeling, projections & forecasts.

Increased Confidence

We worry about the numbers so you can focus on growing your business.

Red Granite has been exceptional to work with. They have provided the resources and expertise to handle all of our accounting and finance functions, including begetting and cash flow management. Working with Red Granite has allowed us to focus on our core competencies and grow with limited additional headcount.
Geoff Mikelsons
Geoff MikelsonsDERMAFLASH